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Our Approach to Care

No two patients are the same. Even though the problems might be similar, each person has their own unique profile that will affect how we treat and how they will respond. In order to maximize recovery, each patient receives a full examination and customized treatment that helps identify the true cause of the pain. Crestview Chiropractic will use a combination of advanced techniques to help each person achieve optimal function in the shortest time possible.

Crestview Chiropractic specializes in low-force, highly-accurate adjustments. We utilize a wide variety of techniques to ensure the comfort and effectiveness of our treatments. Our style reduces the amount of stress on the soft tissues, leading to faster recovery and an overall higher level of restoration.

We understand the body is highly interconnected and we expand our examination beyond just the symptomatic areas. There are many times when low back pain is caused by hip or knee problems or when headaches are caused by neck problems. By expanding our views, we can find the true source of the pain and address the cause, not just the symptoms.

In order to address the root cause of pain, we are highly trained and proficient in adjusting extremities (ankles, wrists, shoulders and other joints beyond the spine) spine, pelvis, ribs, and one of the most important joint complexes –the upper neck.

The top vertebrae that connects the head to the spine is called C1, or the atlas. It is mostly overlooked by many chiropractors due to the complexity and uniqueness of the joint. We use a technique created by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA). This adjustment is sometimes referred to as upper cervical work, NUCCA, atlas work and a few others.

By being able to address this important joint complex, as well as the rest of the body, we are able to offer a unique, full-body approach to care. By taking this approach, we have had, and will continue to have, great success in helping patients feel better, move better and live better. 

Treatment styles we use:

  • Drop table
  • Tool assisted
  • Extremity adjusting
  • Diversified
  • Soft Tissue therapies 
    • Massage
    • Stretches
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Meet the Team

Dr McBride headshot, Crestview Chiropractor
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Dr. Nicholas McBride

Dr. McBride received his doctorate in chiropractic from The University of Western States here in Portland, Oregon in 2009. Owning his own practice over the last decade, he gained extensive experience with a wide variety of patients and conditions. Dr. McBride’s approach to care focuses on the underlying structural issues a patient has that are the causes of their reduced function, increased pain and overall reduced health. Utilizing a whole body approach, Dr. McBride is able to properly diagnose and address each patient’s health concerns. No two patients are alike so each patient gets a custom-tailored treatment plan that is designed to help them reduce pain and increase function leading to happier, healthier lives. In order to achieve treatment goals, Dr. McBride uses a wide variety of advanced techniques that increase wellness while being more comfortable, focused and effective, in comparison to a one-treatment-fits-all model.


Dr. Krysta Huber

Dr. Krysta Huber joined the Crestview Chiropractic team in 2022 after attending the University of Western States where she received her bachelors of science in human biology and later her doctorate in chiropractic, with honors. Dr. Huber uses an evidence-based whole body approach to healing, and treats each person and injury individually. She is trained in many techniques including instrument-assisted, drop table, diversified, and NUCCA adjusting styles. Dr. Huber also incorporates massage and other soft tissue modalities, as well as nutrition advice and exercise into her treatment plans.


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