I have retired from practice as of November 30, 2021. It has been an incredible 41 years of practice. I am beyond grateful for the trust you have put in me for all this time. I am honored and humbled by the confidence in my care, and it has provided me with a career of immense satisfaction.

My greatest concern about retiring was finding a practitioner who could continue delivering the same quality care that patients have been accustomed to. After the first few conversations with Dr. McBride, I realized we share the same philosophy and understanding of chiropractic care. After over a year of working together, I have confidence and certainty in his ability to deliver the same quality care you all have come to expect.

Dr. McBride uses the same tools and techniques I have developed, and I have total confidence the transition to Dr. McBride will be a seamless experience as he takes over your care.

Thank you so much for all these wonderful years, I will miss you all very much.

With Deep Gratitude,

Dr. Illo 

Introducing Crestview Chiropractic 


Dr. Anthony Illo started Illo Chiropractic in 1983. For almost 40 years he worked tirelessly to improve his ability to help patients reach their health goals. Over the last year, Dr. Illo trained and mentored Dr. McBride to take over the practice after his retirement. Dr. McBride has similar skill sets to Dr. Illo and the same curiosity to explore what patients need to improve their health. Even though the name is changing, Crestview Chiropractic will continue to deliver the same quality care that patients have come to expect from Illo Chiropractic.

Dr. McBride comes to Crestview with over a decade of experience, and is dedicated to delivering the same quality of care patients are accustomed to with Illo Chiropractic.

Image collage of two images, exterior building view of Crestview Chiropractic and Dr McBride